The Kingdom of Prismal

A wilderness of forests, grasslands, and mountains tamed by a diverse group of settlers long ago, Prismal is the thriving independant kingdom where Court of Roses takes place. They enjoy a strong alliance with the Goliaths of the Vermilion Mountains to the north, and have just begun talks to join an alliance with the Aravae Isles to the southeast.

Prismal itself is split into eight provinces, most of them with their own Duke presiding over the region from their castle city. Some provinces have more major cities than others (major cities are marked with a tall tower on the map, indicating their temple), but they all offer different cultural and practical signifiances to the kingdom, listed under the map below.

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The Population of Prismal

The original settlers were, as mentioned above, a diverse group of travelers. Their leader and Prismal's first queen, Natasha I, worked with the elves, and eventually the goliaths, to form a series of townships and trade routes that flourish to this day. That spirit of diversity has carried on as more people from beyond the Indigo Sea travel to Prismal. The races represented in Prismal today include the following:

NOTE: Mixed-race people are quite common, and are liberal with how they refer to themselves. They use terms such as half-elf, half-dwarf, half-sphynx, etc.

The Pantheon of Prismal

Prismal's colorful pantheon is known as The Church of the Hues' Wheel, and was founded around the same time as Prismal was. Worship of the Hues is pretty universal, but a lot of folks prefer to devote themselves to just one or two of them.
The Hues Themselves are:

There are also rumors of ancient gods that fall beyond Pal'let's love and influence, the antithesis of the Hues and their Brightness, known only as the Blank Gods...

Every major city has a temple dedicated to each of the gods, and their specific god influences the city's style, social gatherings, and even the flowers cultivated. Exceptions are Sabal, who is worshipped at every temple through their burial halls, (Her flower is the Belladonna) and Pal'let, who is represented everywhere regardless (Their flower is Baby's Breath).







Emerald Tree-Sea

Aravae Isles

The Calender of Prismal

Prismal's calendar has twelve months, with 31 days each. Each month is dedicated to one of the twelve gods, with a holiday celebrating them throughout the month.