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Court of Roses has its main home on Spiderforest, and is one page ahead of this site. Check it out if you want to be fully caught up!

The comic is also mirrored on Webtoon and Tapas, and is at the same page as this site.

Social Media for the Comic

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Character Playlists!

(Playlists currently hosted on Spotify. Songs try to match each bard's music style, but also include songs whose lyrics I feel match them too. If you have song suggestions for any of them, let me know!)

Merlow | Diana | Nocturne | Sven | Feliks

Pinot Noir, A Merlow/Nocturne playlist

Fire & Ice, a Sven/Feliks playlist

Songs for the Page Vol. 1, a compilation


All personal social media for Nutty can be reached by my personal website. Feel free to DM/message me on those platforms, or for business related to the comic, email me at