Comic 165 - Saung, Act 3 - 15
Monday, the 26th of August at 8:25 AM, 2019 in Saung, Act 3
Saung, Act 3 - 15
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Author Notes:
Kelsey -Nutty- P. edit delete
Kelsey -Nutty- P.
Entering the Temple of Tawni.

Song for the Page: Sadeness - Enigma
User comments:
MK_Wizard edit delete reply
Feliks, be polite please. You can't judge someone by their faith now.
Taily edit delete reply
Feliks just hates goths omg
Kelsey -Nutty- P. edit delete reply
Kelsey -Nutty- P.
have i told you how you make the best comments taily
Taily edit delete reply
<3 Hey you know me, just gotta alert the world that Feliks is a filthy prep