Comic 161 - Saung, Act 3 - 11
Monday, the 12th of August at 8:30 AM, 2019 in Saung, Act 3
Saung, Act 3 - 11
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Author Notes:
Kelsey -Nutty- P. edit delete
Kelsey -Nutty- P.
Because it's the Right Thing to Do!
User comments:
MK_Wizard edit delete reply
I think Merlow has the right idea about helping those in need.
Taily edit delete reply
Oh man is this comic about to full-on become a murder mystery comic?? I am DOWN
Werewolfsbane edit delete reply
I feel like Nocturne has more concerns about the murder mystery than he is letting on, but the only solid one I can think of right now is that since some people don’t like him, they might try to pin it on him, because they assume he did it and/or they want to get rid of him. Also I just noticed that some of the background colours are specific to who is talking in each panel, it’s really cool, kind of like the visual equivalent of when a tv show plays different music depending on which characters have focus in a scene ^_^
RebelVampire edit delete reply
That is the best cat. Just trying to snuggle and comfort all the tears away. ;_;