Comic 142 - Saung, Act 2 - 63
Thursday, the 6th of June at 8:17 AM, 2019 in Saung, Act 2
Saung, Act 2 - 63
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Author Notes:
Kelsey -Nutty- P. edit delete
Kelsey -Nutty- P.
Help, with some demands.
User comments:
JammyTheBirb edit delete reply
This comic is honestly the cutest, most wholesome thing.
MK_Wizard edit delete reply
For a guy who's blue, he sure sees red a lot. Yay for sweet muscle men!
Kelsey -Nutty- P. edit delete reply
Kelsey -Nutty- P.
*they! Remember, Feliks is non-binary.
MK_Wizard edit delete reply
Oops. I get so confused... pardon me.
Andrew_C edit delete reply
"Highpockets", I love that term
Taily edit delete reply
omggggg the lil KID