Comic 132 - Saung, Act 2 - 53
Thursday, the 2nd of May at 8:32 AM, 2019 in Saung, Act 2
Saung, Act 2 - 53
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Author Notes:
Kelsey -Nutty- P. edit delete
Kelsey -Nutty- P.
Big talk from a big man.
User comments:
AK Illustrate edit delete reply
AK Illustrate
Taily edit delete reply
Dorcas! Your fragile masculinity is showing, my dude
MK_Wizard edit delete reply
Dorcas, if you were half the man Merlow was, you would be able to wield anything with confidence. You shame yourself.
Taily edit delete reply
Also, I'm all! caught! up! and this is a really good comic!!! You've clearly put a ton of love and soul and effort into it and it shines through.
Kelsey -Nutty- P. edit delete reply
Kelsey -Nutty- P.

Reading all your comments has made my morning omg
Tantz Aerine edit delete reply
Tantz Aerine
There is some valid need to go be macho to keep control of his men, but after a while it'll still have the opposite effect from what he's going for.